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Hawt Asian Stud!
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New nails in my catalog this week
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Gotta catch em alllllllll
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Caught up with this cutie in shop :)
Nails by isuejanatimvu
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Hey hey hey! Lookie lookie! BADGES! Thank you Rocket for putting up with me and doing these for me! (Her shop is fab btw guys)
Specifically, the Get Yo Nails Did customer appreciation badges. Basically, when you order from me, you get one of these cute polish bottles (bronze). Depending on how many nails you order, you’ll get either the gold or silver badge. 
But badges cost monies (these 3 cost 150k in fact) so I need your help/donations! I’ve made some donation stickers for you to buy and help donate. You can also donate by buying Limited and Exclusive orders in my shop.
•Exclusive badge for all donors
•Donors of the first 50k will receive a free set of Limited nails 
•Donors of the second 50k will receive a free set of Exclusive nails 
•Donors of the third 50k will receive a free set of Exclusive nails for each time they’ve donated (eg. If you donated twice, you’ll receive two sets of nails) 
•Person that donates the most credits will receive 5 sets of Super-Exclusive nails 
*All these nails are of your choice and you can claim for them here
Donors so far: 
First 50k: Replace (x2), Vesta (x2), Nachtmahr (x3), IILuthyII (x2), Lexx, Mariposa, AkashaPhoenix (x2), Aimz (x2), Aphrodasia, Nursissistic, HisCompanion, iSue, TwistedDolli
Second 50k: - TwistedDolli, AkashaPhoenix (x3), Aphrodasia
Third 50k: -
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When you realize you’re not the only black person at a party



(via ox-britishmadebrownsugar-xo)

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New nails today in my shop
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